miercuri, 13 ianuarie 2010

Lil Wayne - Paradise [Hot New Shit]

Inca una care m-a spart grav de pe Rebirth! Vreau clip neaparat la asta, daca se poate la fel de genial ca "On Fire"!

LATER EDIT: Versuri criminale [Strofa 3]:
I said the sun don't shine forever / And everything that bitter it goes / I said love don't love forever / And everything that's new gets old / Sometimes we try to find the road to the riches / Need road side assistance / Blisters on my knees from begging for forgiveness / Ain't no dollars on my trees but knowledge on my feet / Cuz I been climbing to the peek and running from the bullshit / I'm tired of playing the same song who told the DJ bring it back? / Dead presidents bullet in Abraham Lincoln hat / Staring at big poster I swear that he be winking back / Cut school, sell crack / Sorry I'm just thinking back / C-Call me crazy I been called worse / It's like I have it all but what's it all worth / I'm probably better in my afterlife / I should cherish life but this ain't paradise

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